System GEMINI 10

Twin track sliding doors with a bottom carriage system. Systems included in this line are based on tracks characterised by a narrow width. Doors built on these tracks do not unnecessarily take up too much space within the wardrobe; however they still allow the use of ergonomic handles with a good grip. You find two systems: GEMINI 10 and GEMINI 16. The systems differ from each other in door construction, but use the same top and bottom track, which enables the easy choice of door filling technologies. We can choose between frame system GEMIMI 10, suitable for use with 4mm glass or mirror. The advantage of this system is that the changes in door technology are not followed by the need for track change, nor does this affect the space taken inside the wardrobe.






1 - Handle KARAT








2 - Upper horizontal profile DECOR








3- Lower horizontal profile DECOR








4 - Top track GEMINI








5 - Bottom track ELEGANT





6 - Positioner for top track DUO

7 - Stopper for bottom carriage HI-TEC




8 - Guiding carriage GEMINI WPGm.-DUO





9 - Bottom carriage WD 10V HI-TEC







10 - Profile H10 DECOR















12 - Anti-Dust Brushes






13 - Soft close mechanism SEVROMATIC 








14A - Mid-rail S10








14B - Mid-rail S20





Installation Guide KARAT