System MICRA

Single track sliding doors with a bottom carriage system. System Micra is an evolution of system Ares. The difference is that top guides have been replaced with ball-bearing carriages, which influences the smoothness of the slide and, what follows, the quality of use. The product is sold in module sales programme Victoria. Due to the fact that the whole system has been divided into easy for purchase sets (modules), it became simple to complete, at the same time allowing the possibility to choose track colours.







1 - Track MICRA





2 - Wheels Blister




3 - Angle section K2 Decor













4A - Handle FOCUS 16 mm 







4B - Handle UNIVERSAL 16 mm








4C - Handle FAVRYT 18 mm








5A - Mid-rail S10








5B - Mid-rail S20








6 - C-profile C16






Installation guide MICRA