System ARES

Single track sliding doors with bottom carriage system. System Ares is characterised by simplicity of construction. It consisits of only three main elements: bottom carriages, top guides, and one type of track. The idea behind using one, universal track instead of two: top and bottom, limits door production costs. Moreover, it allows to make multipanel doors, through adding extra tracks. Worth mentioning is the fact that system Ares, thanks to its panel build, does not have size limitations, both when it comes to the panel height and filling thickness. The only limitation is maximum weight of the door which, in case of Ares, equals 40 kgs. The product is aimed mainly at the receivers looking for cheap, easy to assemble sliding systems, destined for mass production of furniture, or public places, such as hotels, schools, offices.






1 - Track ARES





2 - Top guide ARES

3 - Bottom carriage ARES

4 - Clipstopper









5A - Handle FOCUS 16 mm 







5B - Handle UNIVERSAL 16 mm








5C - Handle FAVRYT 18 mm








6A - Mid-rail S10








6B - Mid-rail S20








7 - C-profile C16





 Installation guide ARES